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Solderless connection by wire wrapping is a standard method of making connections to terminals in high density electronic equipment. Jonard wire wrapping tools offer reliability and versatility.

10000                  PTX Electric Wire Wrapping Tools

The ergonomic and patented PTX series wire wrap tools are the telecom industry standard for wire wrapping needs on main distribution frames as well as local and remote installations.
WIRE_WRAP_GUNS                 Manual Wire Wrapping Gun

For precise reliable wire wraps choose the wire wrapping tool you want. We offer an aluminum wire wrapping gun, Lexan� wire wrapping gun, insulated wire wrapping gun and the newly introduced wire wrapping tool with LED Flashlight attached.
BITS_AND_SLEEVES_2                        Bits & Sleeves

Our wire wrapping bits and sleeves are available in 3" and 5" lengths, with both insulated and non-insulated sleeves.
HAND_WRAP_TOOLS_2            Hand Wrapping & Unwrapping Tools

This is an alternative to wire wrapping guns when fewer wire wraps are needed. Quick, convenient and easy to use.

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