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Nabroco Tools & Technologies Pvt.Ltd is primarily engaged in the exporting and supplying of Telecommunication Tools across the globe. The Telecommunication Tools, which we offer, is made from the finest materials by using the advanced technology under the expert supervision. Our Telecommunication Tools are available in various types in order to cater to the diverse requirements of varying industries. These Telecommunication Tools are offered by us at the most competitive prices.

     Telecom & Networking Installation Tool Kit

 All the tools in this professional Aluminum tool case are speciallyselected for telecom installer, network and CCTV, CATV engineers. It's complete, professional and convenient for tracing and installing cables quickly and accurately.
          Wire stripper and cutter
Jonard JIC-4473 Wire Stripper and Cutter, 22-24-26 AWG -- The Jonard JIC-4473 Stripper and Cutter for 22-24-26AWG Wire is an easy-to-operate combination tool.This wire stripper & cutter tool comes with two interchangeable, easily replaceable stripping blades for 22/24- and 24/26-gauge wire.
      Telecom Long Nose Pliers
Long nose have side cutting blades, a crushing slot, one .030" stripping hole, and a thin knurled nose to facilitate handling of the wire at the central office terminals.
      Network Tone/Probe Kit
This Probe kit quickly diagnostic LAN cable condition and identify cable status comes with LED light and earphone support enable to work in dark and noisy environment.
       Telcom Crimp Tool
4/6/8P Telecom crimp tool This versatile tool is for all the necesseary tools to cut,strip and crimp modular telephone wires plugs. W/Ratchet.

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