Nabroco Tools & Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Nabroco Tools & Technologies Pvt.Ltd is primarily engaged in the exporting and supplying of 1000V Insulated Toolkit across the globe. The Insulated Tools, which we offer, Individually 5,000 volt Tested for 1000 Volt Rating. Our Insulated Tools are IEC approved.

                        1000V Insulated Tool Kit

Pro'sKit PK-2803BM is a complete insulated tool kit maintenance works under high voltage (up to 1000 V). Includes pliers and screwdrivers, a multimeter, a soldering iron, etc.
     Insulated Screwdriver Set (1000V) Pro'sKit SD-8011
  7 Piece Set.
VDE safety Screwdriver Set with SNCM alloy steel AISI: 8660 tips.
This essential kit is a must when working with electrical items. Supplied in a case.
                             Insulated Plier

Pro'sKit VDE approved pliers with induction hardened cutting edges in a Teflon polished finish. Supplied with soft grip handles for comfort and control. Cutting capacities according to IEC 900, and DIN 1000V safety standards and bear the GS sign.

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