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Nabroco Tools & Technologies Pvt.Ltd is primarily engaged in the exporting and supplying of Fiber Optic Tools with Toolkit across the globe. The Fiber Optic Tools, which we offer, is made from the finest materials by using the advanced technology under the expert supervision. Our Fiber optic Tools is available in various types in order to cater to the diverse requirements of varying industries. These Tools are offered by us at the most competitive prices.

        Fiber Optic Tool Kit ProsKit 1PK-940KN

 Crimp Tool, Cutters, Microscope, Optics Cleaning   Kit, Scissors, & other Tools, Fibre Optic stripper, High carbon alloy steel scissors, Fibre Optic scribe, foam swabs cleaning kit, Microscope 100X, 125mm Side cutter, 2.5ml Universal syringe, SC polishing disc, ST polishing disc, Utility component storage box, Crimp tool, Carrying zipper bag (280 x 197 x 70mm)
        Fiber Optical Stripper Proskit 8PK-326

 Strips 125 micron glass fiber with 250 micron buffer coating without scratching on nickingglass fiber.
       Jonard FOD-2000 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Slitter

The FOD-2000 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Slitter is a patented tool that simplifies the slitting of drop cable jackets at the end of the cable or mid-span.
           Fiber Cleaver Proskit FB-1688
Precise and easy to use.
Simple and easy replacement of blade.
16 cutting location for each blade, service life up to 48000 times.
Replacement blade is available.
        Round Cable Stripper - CST-1900

The CST-1900 is designed for fast and precise jacket removal of PVC, rubber, PE and other jacket materials, and works well on round cables with diameters ranging from 3/16" to 1-1/8" (4.5-29 mm).

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